I am very blessed to be able to help change lives through teaching the Pilates and Core Align methods.   My clients are all very special people who have entrusted their bodies to me.  

Here are a few of my clients’ testimonies to give you an idea of some of the results you could also have if you take the journey toward  greater vitality and a more active lifestyle by learning Pilates…  

It is not my opinion but a fact that Betsy’s methods work. Before Betsy became my teacher I had 17° pronation in my right ankle. In other words I walked like a half a duck. After working with Betsy twice a week for number of years my pronation today is less than 5%.

For over 40 years I have seen several physicians, chiropractors and body alignment specialists with no tangible result.

I gave up skiing in 2000 out of frustration since I was unable to keep my right foot straight. With Betsy’s help this year I return to skiing with two legs. I used to say that I’ve skied 20 years, one year 20 times. Never again, thank you Betsy. For Serious structural problem or overall conditioning I trust Betsy.

~ Dale Windish