Key Benefits of Pilates & Core Align


Toned muscles

Whole Body Strengthening

Develop balanced lean muscles

Increase flexibility and range of motion



More power

Enhanced control

Deeper understanding of how to use your muscles and body efficiently

practice exercises that support the movement and requirements of a sport


Whether you are training for a sport or just wanting to feel stronger while you are going about your daily activities, Pilates is all about strengthening your “Core Muscles.” These muscles which in include, the many pelvic floor muscles, the diaphragm, transverses abdominis and the multifidi, support your spine and allow you too use your larger muscle groups more efficiently.  For example: Learning to use these muscles will give you increased power in your sports where rotation and control are needed for accuracy. You will also enjoy greater range of motion and flexibility -balanced by strength when you work the muscles both eccentrically and concentrically. Pilates is known for giving movie stars toned muscles but you don’t  have to be a movie star to develop balanced lean muscles with regular Pilates practice.  Strengthen your whole body through Pilates and CoreAlign training to see major improvements in how you feel,  and participate in the activities you love.



Mobile  and Stable joints

Better balance

maintain strong healthy bones-weight bearing and resistance training

Safe exercise for low bone density and osteoporosis

Learn limitations or modifications specific to you


Prevent unnecessary injuries through pilates with whole body strengthening and developing awareness to change harmful movement patterns and poor posture. If you have had past injuries, or conditions such as scoliosis or osteoporosis -learn how to best exercise for your body with the personalized attention to detail you receive in private one on one sessions.  Protect your joints and prevent costly surgeries by learning the proper way to move. Enjoy better balance and coordination so that you will gain confidence-live an active lifestyle and maintain independence. Think about how important it is to you to participate in the activities you enjoy as you mature rather then to be limited.



Melt away Stress

Ease tension

Feeling of wellbeing

Increase energy


Optimized Breathing

Build fat burning muscle

safe Interval or surge training


Gain Whole Body Health through CoreAlign and pilates training.  Start by optimizing your breathing and notice how just-simply breathing through the pilates method will melt away your stress, ease tension in you trouble areas, energize you and increase your confidence level.  Along with a general feeling of being well you will develop your deep ‘core’ muscles which burn fat over time. With regular practice and competence you will increase your workouts to include safe interval or surge pilates and corealign exercises which will increase your metabolism and shed any unwanted weight.



Strengthen core stabilizing muscles

Support your spine

Learn to use muscles efficiently

Learn to relax muscles


Pain relief is one of the main reasons people embrace pilates.  Why wait until you have pain but prevent it before it happens.  When your strengthen your core muscles you take the pressure off the discs between the vertebra allowing the spine can function optimally.  Our bodies react to pain causing spasms and warnings that disaster is on the way.  Learn new awareness through personal sessions to relax the overworked muscles and gain more use of underdeveloped muscles.  Balanced and efficient use of muscles allow the body to function as it was designed.  If you have Scoliosis, thorasic kyphosis, or lower back pain, and joint pain you will find tremendous pain relief through a regular pilates and core align practice.



Move with grace and confidence


Gain body awareness


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to move like a dancer.  Through Pilates and Corealign practice you will learn how to move with grace and confidence.  Leave your sessions with a heightened awareness of how to move with efficiency and coordination.  Discover the athlete within you, stand and walk taller with ease and grace.  Through new found awareness improve your posture- one of the best anti-aging methods ever!



Improve posture

Develop endurance to maintain optimal posture

Gain awareness of poor posture

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