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Removing Toxins & Weight Loss

Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in Core | 1 comment

What does Removing the Toxins from our Bodies have to do with Weight loss? Toxins are making us fat and sick.  Our bodies store toxic chemicals in our fat cells to protect our organs.   The more toxins we take in the more we gain weight.   In this study by the Environmental Working Group, research discovered that even our babies have 287 chemicals in their umbilical cords at birth.  Of those 180 are known to cause cancer…217 are toxic to brain and nervous system…208 cause birth defects…     If you are are having troubles with your immune system, energy level and focus or if you’re beginning to have health issues chances are you need to reduce the toxins in...

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Gain Height Through Pilates Posture

Posted by on Dec 27, 2014 in Core | 0 comments

What does Posture have to do with height? Have you ever heard the saying, “Doing Pilates will make you taller?” In reality Pilates teaches you to hold your optimal height.  When you use the core muscles unconsciously after a regular Pilates practice you will stand as tall as you were built to be. Don’t allow your body to be pulled closer to the ground for another day!   Here is an article teaching some useful exercises to elongate your spine and build muscle. While these exercises are great, if you low bone density avoid any forward bending, rotation or side-bending especially if you are de-conditioned. For those...

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Foot Pain Solutions

Posted by on Dec 13, 2014 in Balanced Body, Blog, Core, Core Align Pilates, Exercise, Injury, Pilates | 0 comments

Would you like relieve foot pain?   Santa came early this year to  my studio.  He was thinking about my clients with foot pain and wanted to give them some relief.  So, new to my Core Align Pilates studio I have a Balanced Body Foot Corrector.  Its original design and purpose was to release and strengthen the muscles in the foot.  These often over abused workhorses can throw off the body’s alignment and form hard to change movement patterns that haunt us as we age.   The Foot Corrector strengthens and lifts the arch of the foot, and improves balance and gait.     The foot corrector is a great tool for athletes wanting to tune up their game, reprogram harmful foot  and...

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Pilates – How to Start

Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in Core | 0 comments

  Pilates – How and Where to Begin?     Pilates, or Contrology, as Joseph Pilates taught was a mind and body practice that builds upon itself over many sessions and classes and results in whole body health.   What Style of Pilates is Right for You?   In Devra Swiger’s blog post, she compares the “classical” vs. “contemporary” styles of Pilates.  In summary, Classical style teachers profess to stay true to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.   Joseph Pilates was himself an innovator and continually evolved his methods and equipment. Every teacher who learned from Pilates came from a...

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Pilates for Men? Ex-England football captain Steven Gerrard says yes!

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Core | 0 comments Pilates for Men? Ex-England football captain Steven Gerrard says yes! I have not written a post about Pilates and men for a while (to read my previous articles please searc… Source: Yes, Pilates is for men, created by a man.  What Steven Gerrard does not yet realize  is he is making an investment in his future health and mobility by including Pilates into his training.  Kudos to him and may many more follow in his path!   I would suggest he also add CoreAlign to his program. #Football, #Pilates, #CoreAlignPilates, #coreconditioning,#skiing, #snowboarding, #soccer See on – pilates Please Share...

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