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Getting Fit & Losing Weight in 2017 Naturally

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Does Getting Fit & Losing Weight in 2017 Interest You? Getting fit and losing weight is much easier when you feed your body what it needs to increase metabolism and burn unhealthy fat.  Are you ready to try natural weight loss products that work?  Many of my clients and friends are using and loving Young Living’s essential oils and products to get and stay healthy.  Now Young Living has made it easy for you to get rid of the toxic gunk in your body, lose weight and help you maintain your ideal weight naturally.  You get all this with no risk, lots of incentives and support.   This opportunity to Get Fit & Lose Weight too good to pass up!     It Gets...

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DYI Body Cream

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DYI Body Cream Made with 100 % Pure Essential Oils Incorporate only the best and purest ingredients in your DYI Body Cream.  These ingredients will not plug pores and will absorb readily into your skin without feeling greasy. Ingredients ½ c. Shea Butter ¼ c. Coconut Oil 4 tsp. Vitamin E. Oil ¼ c. Jojoba Oil Young Living Essential Oils  (for a nourishing and relaxing experience) 6 drops Copaiba 14 drops Cedarwood 8 drops Lavender 2 drops Rose Directions Use a double boiler or you can put a Pyrex measuring cup inside of a pot of heated water. Increase temperature just enough to liquefy the ingredients. Add shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil.  When the mixture becomes...

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Essential Oils for Fitness

Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Blog, Core, Core Align Pilates, Essential Oils, Events, Exercise, Health, Pilates | 0 comments

Essential Oils For Fitness Interview with Adam Ringham Essentially Fit Essential Oils For Physical Fitness, Weight Training and Weight Management   Have you ever wondered why you need a cup of coffee every morning and then that coke or mountain dew during the afternoon? Maybe you are a full blown addict.  We all know these things are not good for us,  but how do we get out of the habit of artificially boosting our energy to get us through and still get through our day?  I encourage you to begin anew and learn how to use essential oils for fitness and find yourself not needing those nasty drinks to pep you up anymore.   On July 21, @ 12 pm MST (recorded Link) I will...

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FDA Targets Essentials Oils: Sees EOs as Threat to New Ebola Drugs? | Health Impact News

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Pharmaceutical industry begins war on the essential oil industry.     Source: This is a must share to everyone in this country who cares about their health and their family’s health. It seems there is a dangerous trend with our government agencies, unelected bureaucrats, and certain elected politicians insidiously taking away our freedoms and rights by disregarding our US Constitution.  Just recently the FDA, and we have to assume, the pharmaceutical industry has begun their war on the essential oil industry.  It is clear to me and my contemporaries that our government and big business is very happy keeping its citizens unhealthy. ...

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Essential Oils for Healthy Bones & Anti-Aging

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Nature has provided for us the best Anti-Aging solutions for Healthy Bones   Essential Oils have been around since biblical times but now the medical community is discovering Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade oils are the key to staying young. In this video featuring two doctors emphasize a key point that I talk about in my American Bone Health lectures and workshops. Once someone fractures a bone there is a very high mortality rate -75% and the only way to beat this is by doing weight bearing exercise like Pilates and CoreAlign™ throughout your life in addition to  getting the proper nutrition. This clip was from workshop I attended at the 2014...

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Bug Bites, Repellent and Essential Oils

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What do Bug Bites & Essentail Oils have in common?   I arrived in Eagle Colorado last night to find the mosquitos in rare form. Living near the river is wonderful for my parents but the bugs are having a feast-especially on my mother!    A Happy Ending….   My mother was covered in bug bites and  I was glad that I had my Young Living, “purification”  essential oil blend handy.   Moments after applying this oil directly to the bites, the itch was gone and didn’t return.  Problem solved quickly!     Repellant for Bug Bites   If you want to repel all kinds of bug bites naturally this summer,  thieves and peppermint...

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