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Preventing Osteoporosis & Fractures… How To Avoid Brittle Bones

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Preventing Osteoporosis & Fractures…how to Avoid Brittle Bones   Did you know … 70% of people over 65 with osteoporosis have never been screened and don’t know they have it? AND There are more osteoporosis related fractures yealy than breast cancer, strokes, and heart attacks combined?   Osteoporosis is not just a disease of old people or of women.   People of all ages can have low bone density including men and young adults.  Children’s poor diets and lack of activity will give them a greater chance of having low bone density at a younger age.  We reach the peak of our bone mass at about age 30.   How might you know if you should be concerned about...

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Getting Fit & Losing Weight in 2017 Naturally

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Does Getting Fit & Losing Weight in 2017 Interest You? Getting fit and losing weight is much easier when you feed your body what it needs to increase metabolism and burn unhealthy fat.  Are you ready to try natural weight loss products that work?  Many of my clients and friends are using and loving Young Living’s essential oils and products to get and stay healthy.  Now Young Living has made it easy for you to get rid of the toxic gunk in your body, lose weight and help you maintain your ideal weight naturally.  You get all this with no risk, lots of incentives and support.   This opportunity to Get Fit & Lose Weight too good to pass up!     It Gets...

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11 Powerful Natural Antibiotics from Our Kitchen

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ha   Recently people talk more about the beneficial effects of the healing plants, and some of them are even called natural antibiotics. Sourced through from: My Family and I have discovered many benefits of plants and natural remedies.  It pays to be informed and educate yourself before the need arises.  I also enjoy sharing what I learn with my friends and clients so they can live a healthier and more vibrant life. See on – pilates Please Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to...

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DYI Body Cream

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DYI Body Cream Made with 100 % Pure Essential Oils Incorporate only the best and purest ingredients in your DYI Body Cream.  These ingredients will not plug pores and will absorb readily into your skin without feeling greasy. Ingredients ½ c. Shea Butter ¼ c. Coconut Oil 4 tsp. Vitamin E. Oil ¼ c. Jojoba Oil Young Living Essential Oils  (for a nourishing and relaxing experience) 6 drops Copaiba 14 drops Cedarwood 8 drops Lavender 2 drops Rose Directions Use a double boiler or you can put a Pyrex measuring cup inside of a pot of heated water. Increase temperature just enough to liquefy the ingredients. Add shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil.  When the mixture becomes...

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Essential Oils for Fitness

Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Blog, Core, Core Align Pilates, Essential Oils, Events, Exercise, Health, Pilates | 0 comments

Essential Oils For Fitness Interview with Adam Ringham Essentially Fit Essential Oils For Physical Fitness, Weight Training and Weight Management   Have you ever wondered why you need a cup of coffee every morning and then that coke or mountain dew during the afternoon? Maybe you are a full blown addict.  We all know these things are not good for us,  but how do we get out of the habit of artificially boosting our energy to get us through and still get through our day?  I encourage you to begin anew and learn how to use essential oils for fitness and find yourself not needing those nasty drinks to pep you up anymore.   On July 21, @ 12 pm MST (recorded Link) I will...

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