DYI Body Cream

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DYI Body Cream Made with 100 % Pure Essential Oils Incorporate only the best and purest ingredients in your DYI Body Cream.  These ingredients will not plug pores and will absorb readily into your skin without feeling greasy. Ingredients ½ c. Shea Butter ¼ c. Coconut Oil 4 tsp. Vitamin E. Oil ¼ c. Jojoba Oil Young Living Essential Oils  (for a nourishing and relaxing experience) 6 drops Copaiba 14 drops Cedarwood 8 drops Lavender 2 drops Rose Directions Use a double boiler or you can put a Pyrex measuring cup inside of a pot of heated water. Increase temperature just enough to liquefy the ingredients. Add shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil.  When the mixture becomes...

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