I’m Betsy Walker, aka All American Betsy.  Here’s a little more about me.

I am a Pilates teacher, passionate about sharing the Work of Joseph and Clara Pilates to improve the quality of life of my clients representing all ages and physical abilities.  I have been practicing Pilates since 2001 and teaching since 2006. I teach Pilates out of  my own small private neighborhood studio in Centennial, CoreAlignPilates.com.

I have always been passionate about all things physical. At the early age of 6, I made my first turns on skis and started racing in the Buddy Werner League and Ski Club Vail not long after.  Throughout my skiing career I sought out and used other sports to bw2enhance my strength, conditioning and coordination.  I also competed in Soccer, gymnastics, and cycling.  Ski racing was my main focus in life as I progressed in amateur, NCAA Div. I racing at the University of Wyoming, (1986-1991) where I was an All American Alpine Skier and finally ending my career as a professional on the US Women’s Pro Tour in 1993.  These early athletic experiences have influenced my approach to the pilates work as I enjoy seeing the possibilities in my clients bodies and guide them to greater confidence, strength, mobility and mind body awareness.  My passion for teaching came from going through the process and journey of rehabilitation, re-assessment and refinement in my own body.

I found Pilates in 2001 while searching for pain relief from a herniated disk in my lower back.  Having sustained various injuries throughout my skiing career my body became imbalanced in strength and flexibility.  Practicing Pilates not only relieved my back pain, but gave me balance between muscle groups, greater flexibility, whole body wellness and functional strength.   I became passionate about doing Pilates 2-3 times a week and even maintained a regular schedule throughout most of my 2 pregnancies. Resuming practice shortly after having my two babies gave me my pre-pregnancy body back rapidly.

I discovered my passion for teaching Pilates at the Body Centre in 2006 after I trained with Marsha Macro and began teaching group reformer classes.  Two years later, I  took a year to study personally with Sabra Blacklock, a Fletcher Pilates Master Teacher and then began teaching group equipment classes and privates in Sabra’s studio, Pilates of The Rockies.  In 2010, I sought out more education and went through  Balance Body University’s comprehensive teacher training program with Lindy Royer, PT, master Pilates teacher and Franklin Method teacher.  I also began teaching regularly at Lindy’s, Park Meadow Pilates and PT.  This great experience enhanced my background giving me a deeper understanding of anatomy, pathologies and contra-indications, mind body awareness, a more critical eye for evaluating client’s movement and alignment, and more teaching strategies.

Being a teacher and student of Pilates’ work who continues to grow, I have also taken extensive training in the innovative CoreAlign® and Orbit apparatus and attended various Pilates conferences and additional specialized training around Osteoporosis and Scoliosis.  I am a volunteer for American Bone Health, and conduct free public workshops about preventing fractures and safe exercise.  In 2012, I became a Pilates Method Alliance-Certified Pilates instructor (PMA-CPT®).

I have two grown step-children, and my own two kids ages 9 and 13.  They and my amazing husband David, are my greatest joys in life.  I also find great interest in the connections of the children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development as I support and nurture them through their young lives.  David’s love and friendship, no matter the situation or challenge, has allowed me to develop into the teacher and person I am.  Also, I feel blessed to have has two incredibly supportive and loving parents who planted the entrepreneurial, independent seed in my upbringing during the early days of Vail.  Finally but most importantly, staying grounded and focused through my faith in God and striving to ultimately be His faithful and humble servant in life and work is my ultimate purpose for being on the planet.

My favorites include: Date nights with David, riding bikes and skiing with my kids, practicing CoreAlign® & Pilates, spending time with my friends, dark chocolate, Thai food, classical guitar music, impactful movies, and travel to tropical beaches.  Being a dog lover, I miss my past wonderful Portuguese Water Dogs, Nadia, Sonia, Tomba and Markie and hope to someday have another one love raise and do agility and water trial competitions with…perhaps when my chicks fly away 😉 Our newly adopted PWD is named Peeper.  She serves as the official greeter and comic relief to my clients daily.

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