Take yourself back to when you learned to walk.

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Core Align

You probably held onto things until you took that leap of faith. You found your balance point where your head was perfectly balanced on top of your spine and your spine took on its most natural curves, giving you optimal shock absorption.

From that day on it was all downhill as life’s demands cause each of us to modify nature’s plan to fit our habits and requirements. We become broken down bit by bit.

There’s hope!

With 99% of my clients, I see differences in movement and strength between their left and right sides. For example, if you’ve ever had a sprained ankle, it most assuredly had an effect on your movement and leg alignment. Obviously, more serious and more frequent injuries have a cumulative effect. That’s where most people fail to fully
recover by correcting underlying problems.

Consider a postural assessment. We can see clearly where your posture and alignment has strayed from the optimum and strive toward a more balanced, aligned and upright posture. This creates more balanced movement from the left to the right side of the body. It reaps huge benefits: less body tension, reduced pain (if there was pain) and ultimately the capacity to maintain strength and mobility as you age.

core align,balanced body,all american betsy

Core Align

The Core Align is the perfect tool to practice aligning our bodies and working in good bio-mechanics. For instance, if you’re a runner and you have knee pain, we can put you on the Core Align and teach you first how to walk with the correct lower leg alignment. Leg and foot work on a reformer is certainly useful in this regard, but the Core Align puts you in the same relationship to gravity. You’ll quickly learn and apply new movement skills to walking first and then running.

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How to avoid the hump back?

Correcting bad posture is a passion of mine. I often work with people who suffer from the crippling disease of osteoporosis, which is preventable! One in two women over age 65 will have osteoporosis and one in four men will also suffer the same fate. Determine today that you’ll not be one of these statistics. The sooner you start the better.

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