Develop Power and Control

Develop Power and Control








Power and control equal efficiency, consistency, and accuracy, all of which are crucial for anyone who wants to be great at what they do!

Whether you are training for a sport or just wanting to feel stronger while you are going about your daily activities, Pilates is all about strengthening your “Core Muscles.”

These muscles which in include, the many pelvic floor muscles, the diaphragm, transverses abdomins and the multifidi, support your spine and allow you too use your larger muscle groups more efficiently.  For example: Learning to use these muscles will give you increased power in your sports where rotation and control are needed for accuracy.

You will also enjoy greater range of motion and flexibility -balanced by strength when you work the muscles both eccentrically and concentrically.

Pilates is known for giving movie stars toned muscles but you don’t  have to be a movie star to develop balanced lean muscles from the inside-out with regular Pilates practice. 

Take the journey to strengthen your whole body through Pilates and CoreAlign® training and you will see major improvements in how you feel and move.