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Could something as simple as vitamin D relieve your chronic pain?


In modern nutritional science if there was one nutrient that might fulfill the criteria of panacea, it would be vitamin D; and we continue to learn more and more about the far-reaching health effects of this hormone-type compound. Often, it is a deficiency of a nutrient like vitamin D that leads researchers to understand the profound way in which nutrients affect our bodies, and now, research is linking a deficiency of vitamin D with generalized symptoms of chronic pain, which affects nearly 50 percent of Americans [i] The good news? Supplementing with vitamin D is proving to reduce the pain.

Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight:

As all my clients know, I am a big proponent of taking much more than the required dose of Vitamin D along with eating a calciium rich diet to prevent osteoprosis.


Through my own experience, I have determined that everybody is different in how we tollerate and absorb our vitamins and minerals.  I discovered that the vitamin D3 supplement I was taking for years, while it was of very high quality, it was not giving me the results I wanted in terms of boosting my immune system.  When I switched supplements my body was more receptive to one that I was tested for through bio-meridian testing.  After switching I have not been sick since.


Isn’t it great to know that Vitamin D can Boost our immune systems, prevent osteoprosis and ward off chronic pain?


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