Is Body Repair and Auto Repair Alike?

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Would you get your car aligned if your tires were unevenly worn?  You might swap them around to wear the other side, but unfortunately we can’t do that with our body parts.  If you are undergoing chiropractic care or physical therapy or have in the past to fix something in your body, you might ask yourself… how did I get there in the first place?

How is my body compensating from an injury that occurred in the past?

Will I be able to stay in alignment and free of injury in the future with my current movement patterns and body mechanics?

In order for the body to maintain proper alignment and in your car all the parts need to be working in harmony.  For example if you walk on the outside of your feet chances are you will have some uneven wearing in the knees, hips and even your spine may be affected. 

You may think going to the gym or doing the prescribed exercises will get you back on the road, and it may.  Will it keep you there?  Most people, even athletes, don’t know how to use and strengthen their deep abdominal, “CORE” muscles. 

Learn just a few simple exercises to identify, and strengthen your core stabilizing muscles and gain the awareness needed to apply your new-found knowledge to your current strengthening routine.

For some of us who have worn our bodies unevenly for a long time it may take some focused work to change the movement patterns and body mechanics that got your there in the first place.  The first step is working with a movement coach and learning to do your exercises with proper positioning, or you may not physically be able to access the muscles you are attempting to strengthen.

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