Pilates – How to Start

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Pilates – How and Where to Begin?  


Return To Life by Joseph Pilates

Pilates, or Contrology, as Joseph Pilates taught was a mind and body practice that builds upon itself over many sessions and classes and results in whole body health.


What Style of Pilates is Right for You?


In Devra Swiger’s blog post http://bit.ly/PilatesStyle, she compares the “classical” vs. “contemporary” styles of Pilates.  In summary, Classical style teachers profess to stay true to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.  

Joseph Pilates was himself an innovator and continually evolved his methods and equipment. Every teacher who learned from Pilates came from a different background and gained a unique understanding of Pilates work.  Contemporary Pilates stems from this evolution.

Finding a Qualified Teacher


The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA),  http://bit.ly/pmacert is a 3rd party certifying organization. Instructors must first complete a “comprehensive” training program to qualify. The PMA-CPT® is a NCCA accredited certification.  Not all competent teachers have  this certification.  However, the PMA is a good place to start looking for a competent teacher, or learn questions to ask a prospective teacher.   Pilates training programs/schools offer their own certification but are not the same as a 3rd party certification.


Are wondering if Pilates is right for you?


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By Betsy Walker

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