Improving Golf Swing with Pilates

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Flexion Extension, Golf, Pelvic Stability, Scapula, Scapular Depressors, Spinal Mobility | 0 comments

I recently worked with a client who used to be a very serious golfer.

She quit golf for 10 years.  I explained how regular pilates practice could improve her golf swing and overall Improving her game.  After consultation, we started work on pelvic stability and spinal mobility using rotation, abdominal, and flexion extension exercises.

I was happy to see for all the movement elements, she worked smart and was consistent in her routine.  In the area of her neck and shoulders, however, old habits resurfaced: her upper traps were determined to take over.

We revisited the basics and used scapular depressors to maintain shoulder stability while allowing the scapula to move correctly.

After a tactile cue, she began to understand and feel the expected movement.  She got it!  My client left excited to enter her next game with new knowledge and passion for a sport she enjoys.  With renewed passion for her game, she is going to introduce her eight year old grandson to the sport.

I love my clients!

Do all your body aspires to do . . .

All American Betsy