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Preventing Osteoporosis & Fractures… How To Avoid Brittle Bones

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Preventing Osteoporosis & Fractures…how to Avoid Brittle Bones   Did you know … 70% of people over 65 with osteoporosis have never been screened and don’t know they have it? AND There are more osteoporosis related fractures yealy than breast cancer, strokes, and heart attacks combined?   Osteoporosis is not just a disease of old people or of women.   People of all ages can have low bone density including men and young adults.  Children’s poor diets and lack of activity will give them a greater chance of having low bone density at a younger age.  We reach the peak of our bone mass at about age 30.   How might you know if you should be concerned about...

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Pilates Can Provide Better Pelvic Control for Golfers

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Pelvic control will prevent lower back injury   Pelvic control is very important for golf in terms of finding power behind the swing as well and follow through. It goes without saying that good strength and mobility in this area will prevent lower back injury. Please contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss Golf activities, other sports interest, strengthening, rehab, or other Pilates questions.   Please Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new...

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What Does the Pelvis Have to do with Exercises for Back Pain ?

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Do you want to have better SEX? Now that I have your attention, lets focus on your pelvis and exercises for back pain. Have you been in search of core exercises for back pain or just exercises for strengthening the core? Did you know your back pain could be from your pelvic floor? Many are not aware that the bones of the pelvis move- notice the three joints in the diagram. “…movement in the pelvis is connected with the movement of the legs and spine, which is why many pains in the lower back and malposition of the legs have an invisible origin in the pelvis,”  Eric Franklin. Franklin’s Pelvic Power book outlines many awareness and pelvis...

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Improving Golf Swing with Pilates

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I recently worked with a client who used to be a very serious golfer. She quit golf for 10 years.  I explained how regular pilates practice could improve her golf swing and overall Improving her game.  After consultation, we started work on pelvic stability and spinal mobility using rotation, abdominal, and flexion extension exercises. I was happy to see for all the movement elements, she worked smart and was consistent in her routine.  In the area of her neck and shoulders, however, old habits resurfaced: her upper traps were determined to take over. We revisited the basics and used scapular depressors to maintain shoulder stability while allowing the scapula to move...

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