Study: Pilates Helps Relieve Neck Pain

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People with a history of neck pain found significant relief after a six-week Pilates program, according to a small study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Perhaps most significantly, the participants reported less pain six weeks after their last official Pilates session, suggesting that the exercise program had induced subtle changes in movement patterns that had long-lasting benefits.

Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight:

This article focuses on the neck which I can attest to personally as a practitioner and a teacher of the Pilates Method.  I know from my experience that the the results would be similar if not better for people suffering with low back pain as well. The strength and mobility that Pilates offers the spine and body is the key to maintaining a healthy spine. #corealignpilates #pilates #back #neck #pain #bwalkerpilates

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