Why I Just Say No To GMOs: A Cardiologist Explains

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I was asked this week to speak about the effects of genetically modified foods on the cardiovascular system for a group of health care providers and the public. Was I shocked to learn that eating GMO

Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight:

This is a great article by an MD.  I have done my best to switch to organic and non-GMO food but it is difficult because you never know what might be hidden in the ingredients of many packaged or processed foods or what we eat in restaurant food.  Today, I checked in with FourSquare at Chipolte posing the question, “Does Chipoltle use Non-Gmo ingredients?” I looked on their website but did not see anything referencing Non-GMO. It is up to us consumers to put the pressure on to ensure our health and eliminate GMO foods and their dangers from our lives. Check out any of these books to learn more. http://amzn.to/1d3BCWb

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