How to Build Your Bone Health With The Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge

Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in Bone Health, Colorado Get Movin' Challenge, Core Align Pilates, Exercise | 0 comments

Build Bone Health through the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge

Calling all Colorado residents- are you concerned about your bone health?

I encourage you to join me and take advantage of the Colorado Get Movin’ Colorado to improve your bone density this August. Just log 30 Minutes of walking a day or any form of exercise from August 1-30  and help prove Colorado is the healthiest state in the nation.  It takes three weeks to build a habit, Why not make a healthy habit and build strong bones while you are at it.  Already doing it?  Give your friends the gift of bone health by Inviting them to do the challenge with you! Exercise is always more fun with friends, right?

Here are some Bone Building Tips that will help you build stronger bones along the way!

Walking is good for bones, most definitely, however our bones need diversity in the type of stress we put on them to continue to build bone in our younger years and to maintain what we have as we get older.

Bone Health Tip #1:

Every 5 minutes of your walk, do a minute of skipping, jumping, or shuffling sideways to change up the good stress put on your bones.

Stay connected for more bone building tips as the challenge begins!