East Lake Woman: ‘I’m Glad I Have Scoliosis’

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When Debbie Ordes started helping fellow scoliosis patients more than 10 years ago, she didn’t know just how far it would go.

Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight:

It is so great to see that the medical community is better able to treat Scoliosis. However,  for my clients who have scoliosis and do not want surgery, they work hard to elongate, strengthen, and gain the body awareness through pilates.  In my teaching scoliosis clients, I teach and have had success with the scoliosis exercises, pilates modifications and methods for elongation, breathing, and strengthening, taught by Karena Lineback, author of “Scolio Pilates,” http://bit.ly/118LSGd  For more information: http://www.osteopilates.com



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