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Pharmaceutical industry begins war on the essential oil industry.



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This is a must share to everyone in this country who cares about their health and their family’s health.

It seems there is a dangerous trend with our government agencies, unelected bureaucrats, and certain elected politicians insidiously taking away our freedoms and rights by disregarding our US Constitution.  Just recently the FDA, and we have to assume, the pharmaceutical industry has begun their war on the essential oil industry. 

It is clear to me and my contemporaries that our government and big business is very happy keeping its citizens unhealthy.  Health care would not be the issue if the FDA did its job by taking foods and drugs  off the market that have proven to be life threatening or to have dangerous side effects by unbiased tests  rather than sensor every piece of information companies or individuals convey. 

How often are we prescribed drugs that cause other health conditions over time or even death?  Why have they allowed Genetically modified food to poison our food supply? 

If you are like me and read all sorts of health and scientific, books and studies you become frightened to eat most of the stuff on the grocery shelves, including non organic meat and produce,  get vaccines, or take any medication.   I often find myself dreaming about moving away from civilization so I can grow my own food for my family,- something that  just isn’t realistic today.  

What is the answer?   How can we fight these overpowering forces?

I believe that every concerned consumer and entity in the natural food, health, supplement, and natural medicine community needs to come together as a community to voice out opinions and lobby our elected officials to do something about it.  We must  elect leaders based NOT on how they make us feel or how  they appear on the television programs.  Instead,  it is our responsibility to research what they have done or said in the past, who they really are and who or what they might be beholden to.  Considering only  balanced reporting is a must! 

We are at a very pivotal time in history where we must turn the momentum of oppression and control back to freedom and personal responsibility. What are you prepared to do about it?

Help me to get the conversation going by harnessing the power of social media use  #STOPFDA.  Look for balanced reporting,  good studies,  publicize information the mainstream media purposely skips,  talk about the issues and the people who are working to do something about it.  Click here to join my mailing list, pass this on and help me promote #healthyAmerica.


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Betsy Walker is PMA-certified pilates teacher/business owner, user and promoter of essential oils, the daughter and wife of  entrepreneurs,  and mother of two young children.  She  passionately promotes health &  wellness .  She  reads and studies constantly,  and teaches by her own example.

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