How To Play Golf Better

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Are You Considering Golf Lessons this summer?

Do you want to learn to play golf better with some basic golf exercise routines?

Golf and rotational sports such as baseball and tennis are whole body sports which require in my opinion, the whole body training methods of pilates and corealign.

Join me in this summer long series of looking at the components and requirements of a powerful and fluid golf swing.

  • I will empower you to rotate your spine with less effort and uncoil it with power.

Do your neck and shoulders suffer from your golf?

  • Learn how to find strength and mobility through the shoulders- your neck will love you for it.

How would it be to have more core power?

  • I will teach you about how to connect with your abdominals and deep spinals muscles for a more powerful and fluid swing.
  • Learn how leg strength, hips, ankles, and how you stand on your feet all play into a powerful or a dysfunctional golf swing.

Start working on your core exercises by signing up for my free newsletter. Stay tuned for my first subject on Golf and Rotational Sports- Spinal mobility and warm-ups for connecting the brain and the body.

All American Betsy

Adductors Work in the golf stance

CoreAlign for a stronger stance