How to Play Better Golf- Spinal Rotation

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How do you play better golf if your spine does not rotate?

If you are new to golf or want to improve your golf swing why not include some body basics in your golf basics.  Are you looking to improve your game, whether it be golf, tennis, baseball, hockey, basketball or skiing,  spinal movement is essential for rotational sports.

Notice the natural curves in the diagram.

Have someone take a picture of you standing from the side. Is your head forward of your shoulders, does you low back have a big curve or is it flat? Does your spine need a tune up?  Keeping your spine moving is crucial to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

*If you are experiencing pain or burning in your extremities, consult a physician, physical therapist or experienced chiropractor before doing these exercises. If you have low bone density, osteoporosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or scoliosis, certain spinal movements could be dangerous so please refrain from spinal movement until consulting with a PMA certified pilates instructor, or physical therapist.  Take advantage of my free phone consultation or my discounted introductory session.

The following exercises will help keep your spine healthy and bring movement back to stiff and stuck areas.

Your ability to rotate the torso is a integral part of the golf swing.

Cross your arms over your chest and lift up through your waist.

Imagine a rod through your head, down your spine and think about turning your body around that rod as you inhale. Notice that when you inhale,  the diaphragm helps your spine lengthen which allows you  rotate further.

Exhale and return to center and repeat on the other side.

Start with 15-20 reps. to each side in a slow and controlled effort taking note of what feels good and what feels stuck in your spine.

Look again at the diagram, and imagine, the spines in the back moving to the opposite side of your rotation, one section  at a time and then back as your de-rotate back to the center.

If one side is different or there is an area of discomfort, stiffness or immobility there are additional exercises and imagery I give to my clients to get un-stuck.

Check out this video where you will see the rotation in the golf swing.

Building A Good Golf Swing
My next topic, side bending (lateral flexion)  will add even more movement to your spine warm-up.