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A Painful D-ficiency | Natural Grocers

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See on – pilates Could something as simple as vitamin D relieve your chronic pain?   In modern nutritional science if there was one nutrient that might fulfill the criteria of panacea, it would be vitamin D; and we continue to learn more and more about the far-reaching health effects of this hormone-type compound. Often, it is a deficiency of a nutrient like vitamin D that leads researchers to understand the profound way in which nutrients affect our bodies, and now, research is linking a deficiency of vitamin D with generalized symptoms of chronic pain, which affects nearly 50 percent of Americans [i] The good news? Supplementing with vitamin D is...

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Why I Just Say No To GMOs: A Cardiologist Explains

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See on – pilates I was asked this week to speak about the effects of genetically modified foods on the cardiovascular system for a group of health care providers and the public. Was I shocked to learn that eating GMO Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight: This is a great article by an MD.  I have done my best to switch to organic and non-GMO food but it is difficult because you never know what might be hidden in the ingredients of many packaged or processed foods or what we eat in restaurant food.  Today, I checked in with FourSquare at Chipolte posing the question, “Does Chipoltle use Non-Gmo ingredients?” I looked on their website but did...

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Winter Park Trestle Bike Park booming with Colorado Freeride Festival

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See on – pilates The largest freeride bike festival in the country descended on this not-just-a-ski-resort area last weekend as Fraser Valley celebrated six years with the scene-changing Trestle Bike Park. Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight: Having done my fair share of Mountain Bike racing in my 20’s I know how wonderful this must be for all the competitors and enthusiasts who get to enjoy Trestle Bike Park.  But what makes this extra special is the man behind it all, the guy who made it all possible, Bob Holme. I look forward to getting up to Trestle Bike Park very soon! See on Please Share this:Click to share on Twitter...

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Bone Health Tip #2

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Build Bone Health through the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge   Bone Health Tip #2  While you are exercising be sure to look for opportunity to change your terrain, jump up onto something and jump over something.   Putting some playfulness into your workout not only makes it more enjoyable but stimulates your bones!   Link to Bone Health Tip #1     #bwalkerpilates #corealignpilates Please Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new...

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Fat in organs and blood may increase risk of osteoporosis

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See on – pilates A new study has found that obese people with higher levels of fat in their liver, muscle tissue and blood also have higher amounts of fat in their bone marrow, putting them at risk for osteoporosis. Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight: Here is another reason to get out and do the  Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge I recently took my kids to Water World where there is plenty of good people watching but I found myself contemplating the sad future for the many heavy and obese people I saw-children too!  We know that overweight people do not exercise enough and thus they do not stimulate their bones to...

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