Essential Oils for Healthy Bones & Anti-Aging

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Nature has provided for us the best Anti-Aging solutions for Healthy Bones


Essential Oils have been around since biblical times but now the medical community is discovering Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade oils are the key to staying young.

In this video featuring two doctors emphasize a key point that I talk about in my American Bone Health lectures and workshops.

Once someone fractures a bone there is a very high mortality rate -75% and the only way to beat this is by doing weight bearing exercise like Pilates and CoreAlign™ throughout your life in addition to  getting the proper nutrition.

This clip was from workshop I attended at the 2014 Young Living Convention called  Men’s Health Improving Male Vitality At Any Age.  However, they make suggestions for both men and women.  By Betsy Walker

*I am Sorry but this video violated Young Living’s policy of disallowing any video or photographs to be taken at convention so I removed it.  Please fill in the contact me form on this website and indicate that you would like to see the video and I will email you the link so that you may view it.  Thanks! Betsy Walker

 Do you wish to be independent and active in your old age? 

What you do in younger years will determine your quality of life as you age.

More information on the supplements and essential oils mentioned in this video can be found on my essential oils page.

They include: BLM, PD 80/20, EndoGize, True Source, Shutran™, Pine (M), Rosemary(M), Cleary Sage (F), Thyme (M) 

By BetsyWalker