What Does the Pelvis Have to do with Exercises for Back Pain ?

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Do you want to have better SEX?

Now that I have your attention, lets focus on your pelvis and exercises for back pain.

Have you been in search of core exercises for back pain or just exercises for strengthening the core?
Did you know your back pain could be from your pelvic floor?

Many are not aware that the bones of the pelvis move- notice the three joints in the diagram.

Female pelvic floor with annotation

“…movement in the pelvis is connected with the movement of the legs and spine, which is why many pains in the lower back and malposition of the legs have an invisible origin in the pelvis,”  Eric Franklin.

Franklin’s Pelvic Power book outlines many awareness and pelvis exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

For any exercise program to be successful and safe one must learn to use the pelvic floor in a way which encourages dynamic strength rather then tightness. Thus, simply doing a kegel addresses one muscle rather that the many muscles involved.

So we see a slack or overstretched pelvic floor is connected to an arched back posture. This is why an arched back posture is found more often with women than men, since men tend to tense their pelvic floor.” Eric Franklin

A pelvic floor that is either tensed or slack is deconditioned and will get big payoffs from exercises to help bring awareness to the area- an essential step in making any change.

Men and women attending my bi-weekly ‘core basics mat classes‘ and ‘introductory reformer classes‘ explore how the pelvic bones move and apply Eric Franklin’s fundamental concepts to Pilates and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles while allowing  for dynamic movement of the pelvis.  The Pelvic floor is considered an essential part of the “core” muscles, so any exercises for core strengthening must include dynamic movement of the pelvis and its muscle group.

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