Pilates – How to Start

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  Pilates – How and Where to Begin?     Pilates, or Contrology, as Joseph Pilates taught was a mind and body practice that builds upon itself over many sessions and classes and results in whole body health.   What Style of Pilates is Right for You?   In Devra Swiger’s blog post, she compares the “classical” vs. “contemporary” styles of Pilates.  In summary, Classical style teachers profess to stay true to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.   Joseph Pilates was himself an innovator and continually evolved his methods and equipment. Every teacher who learned from Pilates came from a...

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Pilates for Men? Ex-England football captain Steven Gerrard says yes!

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Core | 0 comments Pilates for Men? Ex-England football captain Steven Gerrard says yes! I have not written a post about Pilates and men for a while (to read my previous articles please searc… Source: Yes, Pilates is for men, created by a man.  What Steven Gerrard does not yet realize  is he is making an investment in his future health and mobility by including Pilates into his training.  Kudos to him and may many more follow in his path!   I would suggest he also add CoreAlign to his program. #Football, #Pilates, #CoreAlignPilates, #coreconditioning,#skiing, #snowboarding, #soccer See on – pilates Please Share...

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Core Strengthening for Ski Conditioning

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  Pilates and CoreAlign® for Ski Conditioning  Are you ready this year’s ski season ?   Be Prepared by challenging your mind and body!  What you need to know before doing any of the exercises promoted by trainers and athletes is to mindfully move your body using the correct muscle groups and proper body mechanics. After combing the internet to see what instruction is available for ski conditioning exercises, I failed to find this information. Would you like to know how to engage the “core” muscles while doing your ski conditioning exercises? While most consider the “core” as “abs,” in fact they’re not. Rather the “core”...

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Pilates and fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Core, Pilates, skiing, Snowboarding | 0 comments Pilates and fitness for skiing and snowboarding I am a snowboarder. Anyone who either snowboards or skis will know that the two sports, whilst closely related, are very d… Source: Hey all you fans of skiing and snowboarding here is an informative post from a fellow snow enthusiast and Pilates instructor.  Is your body ready for ski & boarding season?   Pilates and Core Align training are the the perfect pre-season conditioning programs for skiing and boarding.  I know because I was a world class ski racer for many years.  It is crucial that you know how to access your deep core muscles and you have the...

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Essential Oils for Healthy Bones & Anti-Aging

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Nature has provided for us the best Anti-Aging solutions for Healthy Bones   Essential Oils have been around since biblical times but now the medical community is discovering Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade oils are the key to staying young. In this video featuring two doctors emphasize a key point that I talk about in my American Bone Health lectures and workshops. Once someone fractures a bone there is a very high mortality rate -75% and the only way to beat this is by doing weight bearing exercise like Pilates and CoreAlign™ throughout your life in addition to  getting the proper nutrition. This clip was from workshop I attended at the 2014...

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Bug Bites, Repellent and Essential Oils

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What do Bug Bites & Essentail Oils have in common?   I arrived in Eagle Colorado last night to find the mosquitos in rare form. Living near the river is wonderful for my parents but the bugs are having a feast-especially on my mother!    A Happy Ending….   My mother was covered in bug bites and  I was glad that I had my Young Living, “purification”  essential oil blend handy.   Moments after applying this oil directly to the bites, the itch was gone and didn’t return.  Problem solved quickly!     Repellant for Bug Bites   If you want to repel all kinds of bug bites naturally this summer,  thieves and peppermint...

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