Core Strengthening for Ski Conditioning

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Pilates and CoreAlign® for Ski Conditioning 

Betsy Walker demonstrating an exercise on the CoreAlign® to simulate skiing

Many CoreAlign® exercises use muscle groups needed for Skiing..

Are you ready this year’s ski season ?  

Be Prepared by challenging your mind and body! 

What you need to know before doing any of the exercises promoted by trainers and athletes is to mindfully move your body using the correct muscle groups and proper body mechanics. After combing the internet to see what instruction is available for ski conditioning exercises, I failed to find this information.

Would you like to know how to engage the “core” muscles while doing your ski conditioning exercises? While most consider the “core” as “abs,” in fact they’re not. Rather the “core” muscles are the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine and pelvis, which include the diagram, pelvic floor muscles, multifidus, and transversus abdominis muscle.

Would you like to enjoy skiing your best for many years to come?

Since I hurt my back some 20+ years ago on the US Women’s Pro-Tour, I’ve stepped back to re-examine how I was conditioning and using my body. Around age 40 I realized that needed my body to carry me through life without misery. If you’re over 40 and worn your joints out, you know what I’m talking about.

Betsy Walker uses Pilates to build core strength

Betsy Walker Uses Pilates for Ski Conditioning

Has anyone ever taught you how to engage your core?

Actually, there’s more to it than you think. A tremendous amount of brain work with the use of specific breathing techniques is involved. I teach these concepts in the very first Pilates and CoreAlign® sessions because they work!

Your first step to learning how to engage your “core” is simple.

Take my free Odyssey Rx Self Assessment,  to see where you stand going into the 2014/15 ski season.

You will receive a special introductory offer to try Pilates or CoreAlign® and feel the difference!

You’re also invited you to explore some of the core muscles in my 5 Steps to Preventing Back Pain Series.

” Take the Journey Toward Greater Vitality and a More Active Lifestyle “


By Betsy Walker

PMA-Certified Pilates Teacher®

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FDA Targets Essentials Oils: Sees EOs as Threat to New Ebola Drugs? | Health Impact News

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Pharmaceutical industry begins war on the essential oil industry.




This is a must share to everyone in this country who cares about their health and their family’s health.

It seems there is a dangerous trend with our government agencies, unelected bureaucrats, and certain elected politicians insidiously taking away our freedoms and rights by disregarding our US Constitution.  Just recently the FDA, and we have to assume, the pharmaceutical industry has begun their war on the essential oil industry. 

It is clear to me and my contemporaries that our government and big business is very happy keeping its citizens unhealthy.  Health care would not be the issue if the FDA did its job by taking foods and drugs  off the market that have proven to be life threatening or to have dangerous side effects by unbiased tests  rather than sensor every piece of information companies or individuals convey. 

How often are we prescribed drugs that cause other health conditions over time or even death?  Why have they allowed Genetically modified food to poison our food supply? 

If you are like me and read all sorts of health and scientific, books and studies you become frightened to eat most of the stuff on the grocery shelves, including non organic meat and produce,  get vaccines, or take any medication.   I often find myself dreaming about moving away from civilization so I can grow my own food for my family,- something that  just isn’t realistic today.  

What is the answer?   How can we fight these overpowering forces?

I believe that every concerned consumer and entity in the natural food, health, supplement, and natural medicine community needs to come together as a community to voice out opinions and lobby our elected officials to do something about it.  We must  elect leaders based NOT on how they make us feel or how  they appear on the television programs.  Instead,  it is our responsibility to research what they have done or said in the past, who they really are and who or what they might be beholden to.  Considering only  balanced reporting is a must! 

We are at a very pivotal time in history where we must turn the momentum of oppression and control back to freedom and personal responsibility. What are you prepared to do about it?

Help me to get the conversation going by harnessing the power of social media use  #STOPFDA.  Look for balanced reporting,  good studies,  publicize information the mainstream media purposely skips,  talk about the issues and the people who are working to do something about it.  Click here to join my mailing list, pass this on and help me promote #healthyAmerica.


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Betsy Walker is PMA-certified pilates teacher/business owner, user and promoter of essential oils, the daughter and wife of  entrepreneurs,  and mother of two young children.  She  passionately promotes health &  wellness .  She  reads and studies constantly,  and teaches by her own example.

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Pilates and fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Core, Pilates, skiing, Snowboarding | 0 comments Pilates and fitness for skiing and snowboarding I am a snowboarder. Anyone who either snowboards or skis will know that the two sports, whilst closely related, are very d…


Hey all you fans of skiing and snowboarding here is an informative post from a fellow snow enthusiast and Pilates instructor.  Is your body ready for ski & boarding season?  

Pilates and Core Align training are the the perfect pre-season conditioning programs for skiing and boarding.  I know because I was a world class ski racer for many years.  It is crucial that you know how to access your deep core muscles and you have the flexibility and agility to avoid injury and enjoy a full season of fun.  I just got my pass and will be getting myself ready.  

Join me for a Pilates or Core Align intro session to see what amazing results this training can  provide.

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Essential Oils for Healthy Bones & Anti-Aging

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Nature has provided for us the best Anti-Aging solutions for Healthy Bones


Essential Oils have been around since biblical times but now the medical community is discovering Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade oils are the key to staying young.

In this video featuring two doctors emphasize a key point that I talk about in my American Bone Health lectures and workshops.

Once someone fractures a bone there is a very high mortality rate -75% and the only way to beat this is by doing weight bearing exercise like Pilates and CoreAlign™ throughout your life in addition to  getting the proper nutrition.

This clip was from workshop I attended at the 2014 Young Living Convention called  Men’s Health Improving Male Vitality At Any Age.  However, they make suggestions for both men and women.  By Betsy Walker

*I am Sorry but this video violated Young Living’s policy of disallowing any video or photographs to be taken at convention so I removed it.  Please fill in the contact me form on this website and indicate that you would like to see the video and I will email you the link so that you may view it.  Thanks! Betsy Walker

 Do you wish to be independent and active in your old age? 

What you do in younger years will determine your quality of life as you age.

More information on the supplements and essential oils mentioned in this video can be found on my essential oils page.

They include: BLM, PD 80/20, EndoGize, True Source, Shutran™, Pine (M), Rosemary(M), Cleary Sage (F), Thyme (M) 

By BetsyWalker

Bug Bites, Repellent and Essential Oils

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What do Bug Bites &

Essentail Oils have in common?


I arrived in Eagle Colorado last night to find the mosquitos in rare form. Living near the river is wonderful for my parents but the bugs are having a feast-especially on my mother!


 A Happy Ending….


My mother was covered in bug bites and  I was glad that I had my Young Living, “purification”  essential oil blend handy.   Moments after applying this oil directly to the bites, the itch was gone and didn’t return.  Problem solved quickly!


Purification Essentail Oil

Purification Essential Oil


Repellant for Bug Bites


If you want to repel all kinds of bug bites naturally this summer,  thieves and peppermint essential oils are the way to go.  This recipe smells great and you don’t have to worry  about using something toxic on yourself and your family?

Natural bug repellent with essential oils

Stop Bugs with a natural choice of Young Living Essentail Oils


Why not join me and my oily friends-take the journey to discover how Young Living essential oils will improve your health and wellbeing?

For more information fill out the contact me  form or go to my Young Living  Essentail Oils page.

Journey toward better health and more Vitality….

By Betsy Walker


Some Effective Osteoporosis Natural Remedies – Health, Menopause, Nutrition, Osteoporosis – Bone density, Calcium, Diet, Exercise, Gender, Magnesium, Natural Remedies, Natural Supplements, Osteopor…

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“ On the list of diseases generally associated with old age is osteoporosis.”

Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight:

As ones bones become more brittle, practicing mindful exercise is crucial. Certain types of exercises need to be modified or avoided to prevent fractures. Pilates is a perfect “weight bearing” exercise form. However, it is important to participate in a small group or one on one with an instructor who knows how to modify exercises for low bone density.  Be sure to ask for the instructors credentials and their training. You can find more information at

With all due respect to the author pool exercise, while healthy,  does not help to maintain healthy bones.

By BetsyWalker

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Celebrate Pilates Day with an new Youth Innitiative

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Today is Pilates Day! As I am hanging out with my daughter at Daisy camp outside of Gandby, CO -I am watching children at play, roller skating, rock climbing and archery to name a few. While noticing how girls navigate the new challenges given to their bodies, It is not surprising that as they grow and develop unnatural habits begin and lead to injury especially if they participate in sports. “Growth plate injuries account for approximately 30% of bone related injuries in children and adolescents(Caine, et al,2006). Injury to to the growth plate may lead to compromised bone development.”* It’s uncanny that I brought my brand new copy of [Pilates for Children and Adolescents.] As I read the forward I had the deep realization that we as Pilates teachers and parents have a great responsibility to bring the whole body conditioning and mindful movement practice to our children before they hurt themselves. Having attended a workshop by Brett Howard last May and seeing the absolute need in my own children I am planning on starting pilates for children with my own kids (11 & 7) this summer and in the future, teaching more children and adolescents the Mind Body practice of Pilates. I wholeheartedly encourage you all to do the same and to share your experiences, and lessons learned so that we all can start a movement of movement for our young people that will undoubtedly change their lives for the better and perhaps even motivate their parents to take care of their own bodies. Let’s celebrate this day and the value we have been given by our teachers and handed to them by Joseph and Clara Pilates with a new dedication to bringing Pilates to the youth.

*Pilates for Children and Adolescents Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum, Celeste Corey-Zopich, Brett Howard and Dawn-Marie Ickes


Study: Pilates Helps Relieve Neck Pain

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People with a history of neck pain found significant relief after a six-week Pilates program, according to a small study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Perhaps most significantly, the participants reported less pain six weeks after their last official Pilates session, suggesting that the exercise program had induced subtle changes in movement patterns that had long-lasting benefits.

Betsy Blandford Walker‘s insight:

This article focuses on the neck which I can attest to personally as a practitioner and a teacher of the Pilates Method.  I know from my experience that the the results would be similar if not better for people suffering with low back pain as well. The strength and mobility that Pilates offers the spine and body is the key to maintaining a healthy spine. #corealignpilates #pilates #back #neck #pain #bwalkerpilates

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